Use of Telephone Cables to Make Intercoms

Intercoms are intercommunication devices which add convenience and value to homes and apartments. It can be used to communicate with one another without the use of telephone and cell phones. It functions within an apartment or building without the use of telephone network systems.

However, instead of purchasing an expensive intercom system, most people choose to assemble wired intercom systems with the use of telephone cables. Unused old telephones can be quite useful to make home intercom systems. A few electronic parts and cables can be used to make an intercom at home.

Telephone Cables

Materials Required for Intercoms:

* Two wire telephone cables
* Electrical tape
* 300 ohm resistor
* 12-30 DC volt power supply
* Wire strippers

Process of Making Intercom:

Take the telephone cables and uncover the cables by stripping the covers to reveal two small cables. These two cables may be either red or green in color. Cut the red wire into half and strip it on both the sides. Connect the wire to the power supply terminal of the resistor. Then connect the other red cut wire to the other end of the resistor. Now any form of telephone instrument can be plugged to the end of the telephone cable to communicate easily. Now it is possible to communicate with one another clearly without any hassles.

Telephone Cable

Intercoms are mainly used in homes and apartments as it offers safety and security. It is also one of the best ways to alert people living in homes and apartments of an emergency. Intercoms are mainly used in hospitals and other places to capture the attention of people.

It is mainly used at the entrances of homes and apartments as it offers a significant level of security to the people. There is hardly any need to open the doors as visitors can identify themselves through intercom facilities. This also helps to prevent unauthorized entry into homes and apartments.

These devices can also be integrated with the home theater equipment and music systems. With the use of old telephone cables; it is possible to make useful and efficient intercom systems quite easily. To know more about telephone cable just click.

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