Tips to Install Vetapure NX RO System

The RO system or the Reverse Osmosis system is a process of water filtration. Today water is filled with different types of chemicals and impurities. It is quite pertinent to clean water for safe drinking purposes. The reverse osmosis system includes three stages such as purification, cleansing and softening of water. This system also helps to destroy bacteria which are present in the water.

The Vetapure NX Reverse Osmosis system is one of the most popular types of filtration system which can be installed at home.

Tips for Installation:

Select the installation location for the RO system. It is usually installed under the sink. However, it can be installed anywhere within a particular distance of the faucet. The tank and the Ro system can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

RO System

The entire set includes a water supply adapter which should be installed in between the faucet connector and the supply of water under the kitchen sink.

The next step involves installing the cold water supply adapter. It is important to shut down the supply of cold water till the installation of the reverse osmosis system.

Install the sink faucet at a particular spot and mount it to the countertop.

domestic ro system

The next step involves installation of the drain saddle assembly. Prepare the storage tank by installing the tank valve.

The filter cartridges should be installed in the next step. Before loading the cartridges and membrane elements, wash hands thoroughly.

Connect the system tubing in the next step. Let open the valve of the cold water supply. Let the system fill with water by filling it with water slowly. Check for any maintenance requirements or repairs if necessary.

Close the faucet and open the valve of the storage tank and let all the water out. Do not use any water from the system till this step is completed. Drain the entire tank and repeat the process two more times till the entire system is clear.

Let the RO system refill the tank so that the water can be used. Mount the Ro unit on the wall. The system is ready to be used for clean and safe drinking water.


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