Safety Shoes And Potential Hazards During Work

Safety shoes is one of the best ways to protect the feet from hazards during work. Many people are oblivious of the benefits of wearing safety shoes during work. Safety boots and shoes can be worn to avoid the dangers of workplace which include the risks of falling objects, chemicals, electrical hazards and so forth. Most of these shoes are manufactured and designed for safety and comfort.

There are different types of safety shoes for different types of industries and uses. The material of these shoes varies on the type of industries. There are steel toed shoes for people working in construction industries to counter the risks of falling objects. For people working in the chemical industries, there are shoes which are designed with a chemically resistive material such as PVC or rubber. Most of these shoes are manufactured according to the type of chemical exposure and it varies accordingly.

Safety Shoes

There are specifically designed safety shoes for people working in areas with potential electrical hazards. These shoes have non-conductive soles which provide maximum protection against electrical hazards.

However, these safety shoes can become a hazard due to constant wear and tear. Most of the industrial footwear is subjected to wear and tear which can degrade its soles. When the shock absorbing soles degrade, it can decrease the balance and motion and thereby cause pain and fatigue.

Industrial Safety Shoes

It is therefore recommended that safety shoes should be immediately replaced if there is any kind of wear and tear on it. All types of industrial boots and shoes should be replaced within a period of six months. This is usually recommended for industrial shoes which are worn mainly for the purposes of health and safety.

Rubber and PVC safety shoes become cracked over a period of time and usage. It should be replaced immediately. Slip resistant shoes with smooth treads should also be replaced to avoid accidental falls and slippage. It is quite essential to replace these shoes immediately if it has been extremely damaged. Industrial safety shoes can be bought in different varieties from many of the online stores at various price rates.


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