Tips to Remove Particle Board From Wood Doors

Wood doors which are attached with particle boards tend to warp over a period of time due to extreme humidity or exposure to water. Particle boards of different varieties react differently to various levels of moisture. The reactions may also vary according to the type of wood used, the thickness and size of the particle board. In some cases, the wood doors swell along with the particle board. However, there is hardly any need to replace the entire cabinet as these doors can be repaired easily.

Refinishing the wood doors in kitchen cabinets helps to save money and improves the appearance of the entire room. There are some useful tips which can be followed to change the particle boards on the wood doors.

Simple Steps to Follow:

Remove the kitchen cabinet doors and place it in a neat place. Use a small knife to peel away the particle board from the door. The laminates should be replaced if it chips.

Wood Door

A lacquer thinner can be used to peel away the particle board from the wood door. This can be sprayed in between the laminate and the door using a sprayer. This process can help to peel away the door easily.

Teak Wood Door

Carefully remove the particle board and change it if required. Particle board tends to become warped in due course of time. Extreme climatic conditions, wear and tear tend to destroy its appearance.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust from the surfaces and fix a new particle board on the existing wooden surface of the door or kitchen cabinet. Particle board furniture is quite inexpensive compared to the solid wood furniture. Therefore most people prefer to use particle board kitchen cabinets and door as it exudes a sophisticated and elegant appearance to the entire decor of the home.

Although particle board is less popular than wood doors, people all over the world use it to refinish and decorate kitchen cabinets and doors due to its price rate.

Today various types of solid wood doors can be made or bought from online and departmental stores at various affordable price rates.


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