Tips To Measure EMF With Gauss Meter

A gauss meter is an electronic device which is basically used to measure the strength of magnetic fields. It is also known as magnetometer. These instruments are also used as metal detectors, to measure the EMF or the Electromagnetic Field and to measure the magnetic effects in electronic components. It is also easy to find metals which require demagnetization with the use of gauss meters. The Hall Effect sensors are the most common types of magnetometer probes.

All electrical appliances at homes emit a certain level of electromagnetic field. It is important to know how to measure EMF and identify the causes of high EMF in homes.

Gauss Meter

To measure the electromagnetic field, it is necessary to buy a gauss meter or an electromagnetic detector. These devices can be bought online too as it is available in most of the online portals at affordable rates. Turn on these detectors and detect the changes in the readings when it is held close to the electrical appliances in your home.

It is easy to detect electromagnetic leakages when these detectors are used near exposed electrical wires in the basements and other areas. There are safety standards for EMF exposure and if the readings are above the stipulated level, it is considered to be unsafe.

There are many electrical devices used in homes which produce high electromagnetic fields. Hair dryers and electrical heating blankets are some of the most popular devices which are used in homes. Hair dryers should never be used on small children as it can affect their health and development in an adverse manner.

The electromagnetic field produced by the electrical heating blankets is also considered to be harmful to health as it can cause miscarriages among women. It can cause serious health issues in young children too.

Some electrical clocks and telephone also emit high EMF so it is important to sleep away from these items. Unplug electrical items which are not in use to limit the exposure of electromagnetic field. In some homes, faulty electrical wires can be the leading cause for higher emission of EMF so it is quite essential to repair and replace faulty lines with professional assistance.


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