Healthy Ways To Make Corn Flakes More Nutritious

Corn flakes, one of the most loved breakfast cereals in the world, is ingrained with a large number of beneficial qualities. It is also one of the most convenient breakfast options. Consuming the same breakfast cereal every morning can be quite boring. There are different ways to make your breakfast cereal nutritious and interesting.

Tips to Add More Nutrition in Your Diet:

Nuts: One of the best ways to improve the taste and the nutrition of your breakfast cereal is by adding a handful of almonds which is considered to be one of the healthiest dry fruit. Although various other types of nuts can be added according to individual tastes, it is important to avoid salted nuts which can alter the taste of your breakfast cereal.

Corn Flakes

Strawberry: Another common and delicious cereal topping includes strawberries. Rinse the strawberries in water and slice them into half and add it to your breakfast cereal. This is another way to add nutrition to your daily bowl of cereals.

Bananas: Considered to be one of the tastiest fruits when added to cereals, bananas can be cut or diced into small pieces and added to the bowl of corn flakes to augment its taste and increase its caloric value.

Corn Flakes

Blueberries: One of the best ways to add flavor to your bowl of cereal is by adding blueberries. It improves the nutritional value of the cereal as it is a rich source of vitamin C.

Raisins: Some brands of breakfast cereals include raisins. It is a rich source of energy as it contains vitamins and minerals. A handful of raisins can be added to your bowl of cereals to increase its taste and caloric value. Raisins are also ideal for people suffering from anemia as it helps to improve blood count.

Raspberries: Another delicious choice of fruits includes raspberries which can be added to the bowl of corn flakes for increased taste and nutritional value.

Today most of the cereals are made available in different flavors which can be bought from various departmental stores. Breakfast cereals are popular consumed by people of all ages as it offers both health and energy. To know more about corn flakes click here.


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