Tips To Extend The Life Of Jaw Crushers

The mobile jaw crusher is one of the most efficient and useful machines which are mainly used for crushing hard materials. These crushers find its application in rock mining fields as it helps to crush the rocks into fine particles. There are stationary and mobile jaw crushers too which can be bought easily for various construction purposes. It can be found in different models too with varied features. Most of these machines are simple to operate and involve easy maintenance procedures.

As jaw crushers are mainly used for crushing large materials and various types of ores, it requires constant maintenance and care. There are various ways to extend the life of these machines which are used in various fields. Mobile crushers are mainly used to excavate small quantities of rocks on construction sites. It is often used in places where large excavators can seldom be used. It is one of the most versatile tools which can be used in such areas which require optimum maneuverability.

Mobile Jaw Crusher

To ensure maximum performance of these crushers, it is essential to lubricate the surfaces of the crushers often. This also helps to extend the life of these crushers.

Various types of grease can be used as lubricants on these machines. The type of grease depends on the climatic condition of the area, temperature and various other factors. Calcium based grease, sodium based grease and both calcium and sodium based grease are some of the most common types of greases used for lubrication.

Jaw Crusher

Grease must be used if the bracket pads and the elbow plates of these crushers come into contact with one another.

These crushers have various parts that require lubricants such as the shafts. Regular lubrication is quite essential so that it functions smoothly for a long period of time. Lubricants can be added conveniently on these parts.

It is recommended to add lubricants every three to five days for better performance and longer life span of these machines.

It is also important to clean the crushers before adding lubricants. The roller path of the crushers should be cleaned with petrol or kerosene for better results. To know more about jaw crusher click here.


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