Tips To Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds Easily

Venetian blinds are ideal for providing the required privacy and blocking out light. However, it tends to get accumulated with dirt, dust and grime. Frequent dusting will help to eliminate the dust but proper cleaning is essential to remove the grime completely. Wooden Venetian blinds require more care so as to preserve the beauty and quality of wood.

Some Cleaning Tips:

Before cleaning these blinds, it is essential to check for spots and stains on the wooden blinds. Use a wood cleaner to clean these spots. An ordinary paper towel can also be used to clean the spots effectively. As these blinds are made of real wood, it is essential to use the right type of cleaning products.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Close the wooden blind and use a paper towel or dryer sheet to wipe the blind. This will help to remove the dust and dirt which is accumulated on the closed side of the blinds. After completing this process, open and close the blinds in the opposite direction and then clean them appropriately.

Wooden blinds can be easily cleaned with the use of a vacuum cleaner. But it is important to use only the soft brush attachment to clean the blinds. All the other attachments in the vacuum cleaner can cause considerable damage to the blinds.

Wooden blinds should never be cleaned using detergents and cleaning liquids as it may warp the wooden material. Although plastic binds can be cleaned easily using soft soap solutions and liquid detergents, it is essential not to use any of these cleaning methods on wood blinds.

Ensure that the blinds are not stretched while cleaning as it could damage the wood and structure of the blind. Use a step stool or ladder to clean the top layers of the blinds easily and comfortably. There is hardly any need to remove the venetian blinds completely from the windows to clean it thoroughly.

Wooden Blinds

The right type of cleaning method and technique can ensure that wooden blinds last for a long period of time. Unlike the conventional type of Venetian blinds, these blinds are quite elegant and add to the decor of any home or office space.


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