Tips To Measure Power With Clamp Meter

Clamp meters are basically electrical testers which are used to measure the current in the power supply line. These clamps can be hinged or clamped around a wire or any point in the electrical system to measure the current without the need to interrupt or disconnect the circuit. These meters can be used to measure the AC, DC voltage, current, resistance and continuity.

The devices are normally used by electricians, control technicians, industrial maintenance technicians, service organizations, facilities and control technicians. It is used to test electrical equipments, industrial controls and equipments and commercial HVAC. These meters are quite essential to diagnose the functions of an electrical system or equipment.

Clamp Meter

First it is necessary to choose between AC and DC power before measuring the circuits. It is also essential to set the dial counter appropriately according to the circuit to be measured.

To obtain an accurate measurement, it is essential to isolate the wire which carries the current. Most of these clamps have levers on the side of the devices which can be pressed to open the clamps. Now connect the clamps around the wire to obtain the measurement. It is now easy to read the display which shows the accurate measurement.

To check for consistencies, small amount of power is passed through the probes. Gradually large amount of power can be passed to analyze the errors with the electrical equipment and the quality of power. Most of these clamp meters include a power outlet connection which facilitates in troubleshooting. It is therefore easy to measure single or multiple conductors quite easily.

In the earlier days, clamp meters were found only in analog varieties but today it is easy to find digital versions of these machines at affordable rates. The digital clamp meters offer accurate outputs and facilitate easy analysis. Therefore it is known to be one of the most popular tools used by electricians and technicians to troubleshoot various issues with electrical systems and appliances.

It is quite essential to use a good quality clamp meter in industries and homes to protect electrical machines from damages. To know more about clam meter click here.


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