Types Of Bicycle Pumps And Its Features

A foot pump in your bicycle tire kit is one of the most essential devices while riding bicycles. There are different types of pumps which are made available quite easily these days. The type of pump should be chosen according to the type of rides as there are devices which pump tires quickly.

Riders who frequently use their bicycles should opt for light weighted pumps so that it is easy to ride the bicycles. Some of the most common types of pumps include the hand pumps, floor pumps, foot pump, mini pumps, electric pumps and the CO2 inflators. Each of these devices has separate features and it can be used effectively for pumping bicycle tires.

Floor Pumps: It is one of the most powerful bicycle pumps which are found commonly in shops and garages. These pumps are made available in a huge range of materials such as aluminum, plastic and so forth. Most of these pumps can be bought at affordable price rates. These pumps are considered to be beneficial as it can inflate tires quicker than the hand pumps. Floor pumps are ideal for high pressure tasks as compared to the other devices.

Bicycle Pumps

Mini Pumps: One of the most efficient and space saving devices are the mini pumps. These devices are quite inexpensive and it can be bought easily from many of the online stores.

Hand Pumps: These pumps are commonly used as it is light in weight and quite inexpensive. It is quite easy to operate these pumps and therefore it is ideal for youngsters and children.

Foot Pumps: These devices are mainly designed for mountain bikes although it is used to inflate car tires. These pumps can be pumped easily with the foot. It is also equipped with tire gauges so that it is easy to identify the amount of pumped into the tires.

The electric bicycle pumps are another type of bicycle pump which is known to be more efficient and powerful. However, these devices are quite large compared to the other devices.


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