Features And Consequences Of Biodegradable Plastic

One of the best ways to tackle the issue of plastic wastages is by the use of biodegradable plastic. Not all biodegradable plastics are made of bio- material or plants as it is believed. Some of these plastic materials are made of oil which is quite similar to conventional plastic materials. It is essential to understand that even biodegradable plastic materials such as bags and bottles require specific conditions for proper degradation. It requires the right temperature, micro organisms and humidity to decompose; otherwise it ends up in the landfills and produce harmful gases.

Plant Based Plastic Polymer:

The biodegradable plastic materials are used for various purposes such as food packaging, medical and agricultural uses. Today scientists use grasses for the production of bio-fuel. Now the same grass is used for the production of biodegradable plastic polymer. Scientists discovered a type of metabolic genes which allow bacteria to produce a polymer naturally known as the PHA. These genes can be used to convert plant to plastic quite easily in a cost effective manner. Plant based polymer can be used for the production of plastic shopping bags and these bags can be bought at economical price rates.

Biodegradable Plastic

Majority of the scientists and researchers have worked consistently on developing biodegradable plastic materials to reduce environmental pollution and its detrimental effects. However, the production methods could still prove to be dangerous to the environment in many ways. It is pertinent to know that these types of plastic materials have negative effects on the environment and human life when it is recycled. Moreover, when these plastics are decomposed, it produces methane gas which contributes to global warming.

However, biodegradable plastic can seldom be replaced with petroleum based plastics as it includes low yields and high costs during the process of production. It is essential to dispose biodegradable plastic in a proper manner. To make it effective, it is important to change the present waste management infrastructure so that it contributes positively to the environment by reducing and eliminating pollution completely. Scientists still debate over the beneficial features of both these types of plastic products and its uses.

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