Potassium Hydroxide And Its Various Healthy Uses

The chemical potassium hydroxide has a wide number of applications. It is basically used in fertilizers, soaps and hair sprays. It is also ingrained with a large number of medicinal values.

Different Uses:

Medicinal Uses: Potassium hydroxide has several medicinal benefits. It can be used to diagnose fungal infections in humans. It can be used to cure warts and cuticles in human beings. It is used in laboratories to identify the type of fungus that causes skin diseases.  It is also used for various veterinary purposes too.

potassium hydroxide

Used in Food: It is widely added to processed food as a stabilizer to prolong the shelf life of food. It is also used as an addictive in commercially processed food products. Potassium hydroxide is used in ice-creams to thicken it. It is also used to process cocoa and soft drinks.

PH Regulator: This chemical product is a strong alkali and therefore it is used as a PH regulator in manufacturing industry. It is also used in agricultural fields to regulate the PH level of the acidic soil.

Cleaning Agent: It is one of the most popular chemical which is used as a cleaning agent. It is therefore found in various products such as shampoos, liquid soaps, hair sprays and other cleaning products. It is commonly used in soaps as it is highly soluble in water. It is also known as soft soap due to its properties. This chemical compound is found in various industrial products such as drain cleaners, non-phosphate detergents, concrete cleaners and so forth.

Household Products: Majority of the alkaline batteries contain potassium hydroxide. As this chemical compound is an alkaline solution it performs better than the zinc carbon batteries.

Apart from these uses, this chemical compound is used for several other applications too. It is used as a defoaming agent for manufacturing paper. The chemical is also used as a fungicide and an industrial fertilizer. It is also used to manufacture certain micro-electronic devices.

This chemical compound is available in different forms and it can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. However, it is important to understand that certain forms of this chemical compound are dangerous to health if it is ingested.

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