The Various Uses Of A Digital Multimeter

A multimeter is a device which is used to check and measure the different properties of electricity such as the AC and DC voltages, amount of current in the circuits and the resistance of electrical components. The amount of voltage present in a circuit can also be checked using this instrument. Multimeters are available in different varieties which include the analog meter and the digital meter. Majority of the electricians use digital multimeters as it is easier to use compared to the other types of devices.

Testing With The Multimeter:

Before testing the voltage, set the multimeter dial to DCV to test the DC voltage and ACV to test the AC voltage of the electrical appliances. It is essential to set the range of the meter to a higher number than the expected results. If the expected results are unknown, then the meter reading can be set to the highest range. To test the AC voltage, plug the leads into the port panel and then apply it to the circuitry. The measurements can be read from the LCD displays. The similar process can be used for measuring the DC voltage.

Digital Multimeter

To check or measure the current, set the dial of the meter to AC or DC and then set the range.  If the device includes a clamp meter, then open and close the head on the conductor accurately. Then take the measurement. Set the dial to AC or DC and plug the leads in. Then apply the leads of the device to take the measurement.

To test the frequency of an electrical device or circuit, set the dial of the multimeter to Hz or Hertz. Connect to the circuit after plugging the leads in. Check for the reading and compare it with the frequency which is listed on the device.

To check the resistance of an electrical device, it is essential to switch off the power of the device. The dial of the digital multimeter should be adjusted to resistance mode and then select the range. Take the reading after plugging the test leads. There should be a clean contact between the component and the leads; otherwise the readings will be inaccurate.


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