Benefits And Tips To Select A Foot Pump

Foot pumps are operated with feet and legs. They are very easy to operate as compared to hand pumps due to more muscle power of legs as compared to hands. Further, you can put forth all your body power also while operating the foot pump.

Foot pumps are mostly used for filling air into tyres of bicycles and other vehicles, for filling air into mattresses and rafts, etc.  They are also used for many other purposes like pumping of water from one place to other for various uses, for sprinkling of water to plants and crops on hills or elevations and for pumping of oils, liquids and gases in many industrial operations.

Foot pumps are portable and cheaper when compared to other power operated pumps. Further, they are economical for use as there is no need of electricity to operate them. Due to these factors of portability and no use of power, you can carry the foot pump with you for use at any place.

A wide range of foot pumps with different shapes, designs and sizes are available in the market. You may opt for your choice of design and shape. But some important points are to be borne in mind while purchasing a foot pump as mentioned below.

Foot Pump

• The foot pump should not be too heavy. It should be easily movable, if you want to use it at different places.

• The next point to consider is its durability. It should usable over a longer duration and covered with some guarantee period to be secured with some minimum period of service.

• Its output volume and capacity should comply with your requirement and needs.

• You must ensure that there is no leakage or spillage during its functioning.

• Consider a multipurpose foot pump that can serve your different needs like filling air into car tyres, mattresses or pillows and foot balls or volley balls, capable of pumping large volumes of water when needed, and drawing small volumes for hand wash or face wash and capable of spraying water or liquids, whenever needed.


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