Styles And Benefits Of Adhesive Measuring Tape

Be it a workshop, an art class, any regular kind of craft job or a large scale creative work involving measurement; adhesive measuring tapes are indispensable. For occasional use, people buy the plastic tapes, but an adhesive measuring tape is specially needed in shops, factories etc.

This article will briefly state the uses, styles and benefits of adhesive measuring tapes. There are several uses of an adhesive measuring tape.

• In homes, mothers’ prefer to stick such tapes in a child’s bedroom so that the progress of the child in terms of height can be recorded, whenever needed.

Adhesive Measuring Tape

• In workshops, especially at places like textile institutions, tailoring units etc. these adhesive measuring tapes are placed on the workbench or desk that makes measuring easy and fast.

• Some nurseries also use such tapes to measure plant heights.

• Interestingly, fishermen also use such measuring tapes as they stick it on the deck of a boat and measure the size of caught fish.

Adhesive measuring tape has a great benefit of staying at one place, thus providing you with the accurate reading. While measuring with other tools like ruler or regular tapes, a little sway can mislead in measurements, but while using the adhesive one, you can avoid such errors. Another advantage is that it stays in its place permanently and you do not have to worry to roll it back and place it elsewhere.  Some adhesive measuring tapes are made with waterproof surface, thus wiping it with a moist cloth is enough for maintenance.

An adhesive measuring tape has various styles. To buy the correct one, you need to decide some points before hand. Decide which unit you need for your measurement, they come in two forms in English Standard (inches) and Metric units of measurement (Centimetres). Some tapes follow both the units, but they are on either side. While buying, do check which side has the Scaling is an integral part of any measuring tape. Before buying the adhesive tape, decide on the scale that you will use. Some tapes measure from left-to-right, while some from right-to-left; you can also get horizontal or vertical ones in the store.

Often adhesive measuring tapes are sold in specific sizes. It would be cost effective, if you buy exactly as much as needed. The purpose of using the tape can be taken as the base for deciding how much is required. Many shops also cut you a custom length of tape as per your need. If you need to use the tape in a large scale industry, you can also buy the wholesale boxes of tape rolls to save money.


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