Tips To Install And Fix A Broken PVC Pipe

PVC pipes or the plastic pipes made from polyvinyl chloride are among the most commonly used pipes in most of the residential and commercial properties. These pipes are used for central vacuum systems, water supplies, drain, vent and waste pipes. Unlike the metal pipes, these plastic pipes are less expensive and easy to repair. It is quite easy to repair a PVC pipe as the couplings and joints of this pipe are basically solvent joints.

These pipe fittings and materials can be glued together with a solvent and primer to form different types of piping systems which can be used for portable water piping systems, irrigation and electricity. There are a few basic tools which are essential to repair these plastic pipes easily and effortlessly. There are cement and primer which are made exclusively for PVC pipes.

Pvc Copper Pipes

First turn off the water supply to the pipe and clean the area. It is essential to ensure that the broken pipe is clean and dry before repairing it.

Use a plastic pipe cutting tool to cut a part of the pipe which is broken. It is essential to leave a gap between the two ends of the pipe. Clean the surfaces thoroughly and ensure that there are no shavings left behind. To ease the process of replacement, at least 12 inches of the pipe must be removed from the surfaces.

pvc pipes

Now cut a new piece of PVC pipe to replace the part of the pipe removed. The new pipe should be at least one inch shorter than the part of the pipe which was removed. Use PVC coupling on one end of the pipe and then apply primer to the inside of the coupling and the pipe. Then apply the PVC solvent. Press the coupling onto the pipe with a twisting motion.

Use cement and primer to the ends of the pipe segment to fix it appropriately. Use the repair coupling and slide it over the joint between the new and old pipe after applying the solvent liberally. Ensure that the solvent has cured before restoring the pressure of the water.


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