Advantages Of Using Electronic Ballasts For Fluorescent Lamps

Majority of the fluorescent lighting systems use electronic ballasts as it is ingrained with many beneficial features. With the advance in technological features in electronic ballasts, there is an increased usage of these electronic accessories in fluorescent lamps.

Important Benefits:

Design Flexibility And Excellent Control Features: There are different types of ballasts available with adjustable features that can operate lamps at different output levels. There are low light ballasts for lower illumination and reduced energy consumption. For higher illumination, there are high light output ballasts which can be used with reduced number of lamps and a higher power factor.

electronic choke

Greater Efficiency: Electronic choke or ballasts seldom generate much internal heat and therefore it is considered to be more efficient. These ballasts provide flicker free and continuous power to the fluorescent lamps which is one of the most notable advantages.

Lesser Cooling Load: As these ballasts do not include coil and core, the heat generated is minimized and therefore the cooling load is reduced.

Capacity To Operate More Lamps: The total number of ballasts required is considerably reduced. These ballasts also eliminate the need for tandem wiring. Single ballast can be used to operate 4 lamps.

Lighter In Weight: With these use of electronic ballasts, the lighting fixtures are lighter in weight. As it does not include core and coil, it is comparatively light in weight.

Lesser Flickering of Lamps: One of the greatest benefits of using these components is that there is a reduced flickering of lamps.

Quiet Operation: Another beneficial feature is that these ballasts operate quietly unlike the magnetic ballasts. It seldom hums as the magnetic ballasts.

Excellent Sensing Powers: The electronic ballasts have excellent sensing powers as it detects the end of life of the fluorescent lamps and shuts down the lamp before it overheats and breaks the walls of the lamps.

The electronic chokes are available in a huge range of varieties in many of the online and offline stores at affordable price rates. There are many reputed and authentic companies that offer discounted price rates for electronic ballasts and other electronic accessories used in fluorescent lamps.


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