Attractive Features And Benefits Of FRP Tanks

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic or FRP tanks are renowned for its extreme durability and reliability. These storage tanks are basically built to last as it is chemically resistant and also includes thermal properties. It is also resistant to corrosion. It is designed for both underground and above ground storage tanks. These tanks are made of Glass Reinforced Plastics materials. This material is often compared to carbon fiber as it is light in weight yet strong and tensile. It can also be bought at affordable price rates.

Economical: One of the most attractive features of the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic material is that it is available at reasonable price rates.

FRP Tank

Moldable: Another attractive feature of FRP is that it can be molded into any shape or size. It is also one of the most common materials used for tanks and vessels as it has considerable power and weight.

Resistant To Corrosion: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is resistant to corrosion and therefore it can be ideally used to manufacture tanks for the purpose of storing corrosive chemicals.

Today there are different varieties of FRP tanks which can be bought from online stores at various price rates. Some of the most commonly used tanks include the following.

Home Heating Tanks: These tanks can be used in residential and industrial properties as it is light in weight and highly resistant to corrosion.

FRP Tanks

Oilfield Storage Tanks: These tanks are basically used to store and transport waste products, non hazardous chemicals and so forth. It can be utilized for vertical and horizontal applications. It is also known as the double walled storage tanks.

Underground Tanks: These tanks are designed and manufactured for underground purposes. As FRP material is eco-friendly and non-corrosive in nature, it is widely used for manufacturing underground tanks. These tanks have the ability to store petroleum products and liquids which must not be exposed to the air. These tanks have different compartments. It is less expensive compared to the other types of tanks and products.

These underground tanks can be used to store gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, kerosene, methanol blends, oxygenated motor fuels and so forth. The above ground tanks can be used for caustics, acids and various other types of solvents.


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