Significant Differences Between PVC And PTFE Cables

There are huge differences between PVC and PTFE cables apart from the large difference in prices. The PVC compound cables are manufactured to be used in indoor applications and electronics. It is available at a lower price rate as it seldom meets the high temperature standards as the PTFE cables.

Major Differences:

Construction: The PVC cables are constructed in an entirely different manner. It is designed with flexible copper strands and the inner conductors include PVC insulation. Most of these cables also include a tinned copper drain wire and an aluminum foil shield.

The PTFE cables are manufactured with silver plated copper strands which explain its high price rates. The copper conductors are covered by the PTFE compound so that it can withstand 200 degree temperature.

pvc compound

The PVC pipes are durable and long lasting. It seldom rusts and wears over time which is the reason it is used in a wide variety of applications. It is also one of the most reliable and affordable types of pipes used for various purposes. The PVC compound is resistant to bacteria and therefore it is widely used by water companies so as to provide clean and safe drinking water.

It is also used for doors and window frames as it is strong and reliable. PVC pipes are used to transport water from water treatment plants to homes and business units. There are smaller pipes which are used to distribute the water to fixtures, sinks and showers.

pvc compounds

These pipes are also used largely in sewage treatment plants as it is strong and seldom break easily. It seldom leaks and therefore it is ideally used for such purposes.

It is also used to transport high pressure water as these plastic pumps are quite suitable for such purposes compared to the other types of pipes.

There is a huge difference between the prices of PVC and PTFE cables because of the shortage of PTFE cables. Moreover, PTFE cables can be used in high temperatures as it resists oils, gases and water. Both these pipes can be bought from a range of reputed online stores at affordable price rates.


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