Compact Fluorescent Lights And Its Benefits

Over the past few years, the Compact Fluorescent Light or CFL lamp has replaced the traditional or incandescent lights due to its efficiency. There are different types of Compact Fluorescent Lights which vary according to its individual features. The tube is filled with neon gas and also includes a small amount of mercury vapor. It is coated with phosphor which is an integral part of its design. This coating or part of the bulb produces the strength and light.

The CFL lamps are manufactured as two basic types of units which include the integrated and the non-integrated unit. The integrated lamp has different features as it has ballast and a tube in a single product. It also includes a bayonet fitting. It is one of the most common types of fittings which can be used in most of the households as people can use the same fittings.

cfl lamps

The non-integrated CFL lamps have permanently installed ballasts and replaceable bulbs. These ballasts are quite large and strong in comparison to the integrated units. These lighting units are considerably more expensive than the integrated units.

The Direct Current CFL is another variety of Compact Fluorescent light which functions on direct current. But it will function only if there is enough voltage. However, an inverter can be used to operate the fluorescent light as it helps to convert power from DC to AC.

Benefits of CFL Lamps:

There are many benefits of using the CFL lamps and some of the most important benefits include the following:

Cost Effective: One of the greatest benefits of using these lamps is its cost efficiency. It can be obtained at a lower price rate compared to the incandescent lights.

CFL Lamps

Efficiency: Another attractive feature of the Compact Fluorescent Lamp is that it can be operated with a fraction of the energy utilized for operating incandescent lights.

Durability: It is also known to possess a longer life span compared to the incandescent lights.

Although Compact Fluorescent Lights are a bit expensive, it is cost efficient as it lasts for a longer period of time and uses lesser energy compared to the other lighting options.


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