Gypsum Plaster And Its Numerous Applications

Gypsum plaster is used widely for home remodeling and construction purposes. Also known as plaster of Paris, it is basically sourced from mineral rocks which contain rich sources of calcium sulfate. This plaster is prepared by heating fine powdered gypsum and then mixing it with water. The material which formed in this process is considered to be superior to mortar and cement in many ways.

There are many reasons to use gypsum plaster as it is a pliable material which can be manipulated easily. It is also less susceptible to moisture seepage which increases its usage for most of the household niches. It is considered to be one of the safest construction materials as it seldom emits any poisonous chemicals. The by products of gypsum are used as food addictives, brewing ingredients and so forth.

Gypsum Plaster Applications:

Renovation: It is widely used as a main component in dry walls which explains the reason why dry walls are known as compressed gypsum plaster boards. Dry walls are often used for renovating homes and office spaces. Dry walls are basically resistant to seepage, corrosion and staining which increases its usage among most of the home owners. Moreover, it is quite easy to repair dry walls.

gypsum plaster

Home Improvement: It is often used widely with other materials to form a fireproof sheet which is used for home improvement purposes. It is quite easy to prepare this mixture at home as it forms a thick sheet when it is dried. This plaster is used as a fire proofing material since many years as it offers adequate thermal resistance. During a fire outbreak, the surface temperature of these sheets tends to increase manifold and releases large amount of water vapor. This water vapor acts as a natural fire extinguisher.

Interior Embellishment: Gypsum plaster is also widely used to embellish the ceilings of homes. It is used as gypsum board to create drop ceilings. These ceilings are affordable and easy to maintain. It can also be molded into different shapes to beautify walls and ceilings.

Apart from these applications, it can also be used to remodel kitchen countertop. The plaster can also be applied to the grouts lines of white colored tiles.


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