Importance of Lubrication System in Mobile Crushers

Mobile crushing machines need to be maintained regularly to reduce overall maintenance costs and to maximize output. Crushers are used widely in construction fields such as urban infrastructure, road construction and various other areas to recycle waste materials. It is also used in demolition industries and quarry industries. Crushers are widely used to crush construction materials such as stones, rocks, pebbles and so forth.

In order to ensure that these crushing machines function efficiently, it is essential to check and regularly maintain these machines. It is also essential to maintain the lubrication system of these crushers so that it functions efficiently. The lubrication system of these devices include the oil pump, oil pressure adjustment valves, cooler, oil pipe, filters and other components of the meter which indicate its functions. It is essential to maintain the oil pressure and the atmospheric pressure of these devices.

lubrication system

There are various other factors to consider while using mobile crushers. The crushing force, horse power and the volume of the crushers should be considered while operating these machines. It is important to consider the type of rocks which are loaded into these crushers to avoid the danger of overloading.

Lubrication is another important factor to consider. It is pertinent to lubricate the pressure gauges, oil thermometers, device which indicates the condition of oil filters and so forth.

These crushers should be lubricated according to its specific features such as the size. Lubricating oil and grease is basically used to lubricate small and medium sized crushing machines. Large jaw crushers and cone crushers require forced lubrication systems which depend on various factors such as the flow rate, oil pressure and the oil temperature.

It is essential to analyze the root cause of problems and prevent it in the long run to avoid problems. There are various techniques and tools which can be used to maintain these machines appropriately.

Apart from normal maintenance, these machineries require minor repairs to enhance its overall performance rates. It is also essential to procure good lubrication system for the smooth functioning of these devices. Different types of lubrication products can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

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