Use Of Stearic Acid In Cosmetic Products

Stearic acid is found in many products which are used daily such as soaps, cosmetics, candles, shaving creams and medicines. This acid is basically a fatty acid which is derived from animal and plant fats. Although it is used in a wide variety of industrial products and food products, its use in skin cleansers is one of the most prominent usages. It is used in cosmetic products as a thickening agent. It helps to retain the shape of products such as soaps, candles, oil pastels and so forth.

Features and Uses:

Apart from offering shape to these products, Stearic acid is also known to be an excellent cleanser. It mixes with the dirt and oil on the skin and loosens them so that it can be washed away easily with water. It also acts as an emulsifying agent that helps to bind oil and dirt and remove it easily from the surface of the skin. Facial cleansers are smooth and creamy as it includes this compound fatty acid.

Cosmetic Products

It is also used for various cosmetic products such as deodorants, creams and lotions. As this acid helps to thicken products, creams and lotions tend to remain onto the skin for a longer period of time. It also retains the shelf life of cosmetic products. It has a higher melting point which explains the reason for its wide usage in various fields. It is also known to be one of the most cost effective products available which can be used for various purposes. Stearic acid can be bought from various reputed dealers listed in the online portals.

Most Common Side Effects:

Regardless of its wide usage and versatility, it includes various side effects according to scientific researches. Studies prove that this acid can cause cancer, skin irritation and neurotoxicity problems. It is also known to exhibit side effects on the nervous system and respiratory system of the body.

Mild skin irritations are more common with the prolonged usage of this fatty acid. One of the best ways to avoid skin irritations and problems is to reduce the usage of cosmetic products which contain animal derivatives and preservatives.


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