Uses Of Cable Fault Locators And Its Important Features

Finding the exact location of a problem or failure in a distribution cable can be quite a challenging task without the use of efficient tools and devices. Such failures and problems in the cable wires cause great deal of inconvenience to the customers. It is therefore essential to quickly restore the functions of the cable. Today there are various devices which can be used to identify the problems in cables and these devices are known as the cable fault locators.

Important Features:

One of the most common types of devices is the Time Domain Reflectometer or the TDR cable fault locator which can easily identify faults in RF cables such as high resistance joints, short circuits and open circuits. This test instrument uses the electrical energy pulse, which transmits the energy with a specific speed according to the type of cable, to determine the exact cause and location of the cable fault. The device or the fault locator displays the type of fault and the distance to it.

Cable Fault Locators

These devices include specific usage instructions and therefore it can be used to calibrate the type of cable used. These devices are widely used in electric wire and cables. It includes various features such as simple operation, high definition backlit LCD screen, a comparison test function and a small test blind zone.

These cable fault locators are portable and light in weight. It can be used to test short circuit faults, line breaks in twisted pair of cables, high frequency cables, data cables and coaxial cables. It provides a clear electronic map which is relevant to the time domain.

Buy From Online Stores:

A huge plethora of cable fault locating devices can be bought from various reputed online stores at affordable price rates. These devices can be used to detect faults in underground cables, digital cables and so forth.

Some of the most exclusive online stores even showcase pocket fault locators which include various attractive features such as aluminum construction, extra long battery life and ability to locate sharp bends and breaks. These entire devices can be bought at affordable price rates from these online stores directly.


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