Tips To Install Solar Street Lights

The need to install cost effective street lighting is one of the major issues faced by most of the modern cities. Street lighting is among the largest expenditure for several cities. One of the best ways to reduce electric costs is by adopting solar lighting techniques. It also helps to reduce green house emissions. Solar street lights are installed in most of the cities these days as it facilitates in reducing the cost of electric power.

These street lights are used in highways, airport roads, parking lots and various other public and private roads. It is quite easy to install these lights as it hardly requires cables and other connections. The light includes a self contained battery which is charged with solar energy during the daytime. The light releases the power stored in the batteries during the night. It also includes a photocell or timer which facilitates in controlling the lights from dusk to early dawn.

solar street light

Solar street lights can be easily set up by an experienced technician. It is important to choose the right type of components such as solar lamps, panels, controller and battery to set up these street lights in a specific location. The solar panels should be aligned appropriately so that it is possible to gather maximum energy during the day time.

Solar Street Lights

Majority of the street lights include LED lighting systems as it is easy to maintain and lasts for many years together. It is also essential to install the panels in the correct place so that it is not blocked by trees or tall buildings. The solar battery should be charged to the maximum before the initial use. It is also important to consider the working load of these lights before purchasing it as some areas require more power which can be programmed into the product from the factories.

There are many benefits of installing solar lights as these lights offer high brightness, efficiency, reliability, stability, durability and so forth. Moreover, as these lights seldom consume conventional energy, it is considered to be one of the best light sources made available to mankind.


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