Attractive Features of Modern Melting Point Apparatus

A melting point apparatus is basically a scientific device which is used to verify the melting point of any substance. There are different types of apparatuses which include electronic apparatuses, automatic apparatus, Thiele tube and so forth. Modern devices include a wide range of features such as lower cost, fast and reliable measurements and many more.

The designs of different types of apparatuses may vary greatly according to its specific features. However, every device is intended to measure the temperature changes and the melting point of the substance easily.

Melting Point Apparatus

Today there are melting point devices which are designed and manufactured specifically for laboratories. These devices can be used by students as it can be operated easily. It can be programmed to the desired temperature and the oven can be heated accordingly.

There is hardly any need to control the oven temperature manually as the apparatus is completely programmable. The melting point of different substances can be easily observed and recorded with a simple touch of a button.

Some of the other attractive features of these apparatuses include the following:

High Quality Lens or Optics: One of the most attractive features of modern melting point apparatus is that it includes good quality optics with a large magnifying lens. This ensures better visibility even from a distance. It also includes LED lights for better illumination.

Digital Temperature Readout: Conventional devices included mercury thermometers to record the readings. However, the modern devices include digital settings to record the temperature. It features a platinum resistance device which offers better accuracy on readings. Moreover, it is virtually unbreakable as it is encased in the oven block of the apparatus.

Safe to Use: Modern devices are also safe to use as it seldom releases toxic mercury fumes. Most of these devices are ingrained with platinum resistance temperature detectors. The ovens are also designed appropriately so as to ensure safe usage and avoidance of accidental burns.

Furthermore, modern melting point devices are easy to maintain as these temperature detectors are unbreakable and attached to the devices. The LED lights which are used in these apparatuses also last for an entire lifetime.


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