Benefits And Drawbacks Of Laser Powered Mosquito Killers

The laser powered mosquito killer is one of the latest inventions of modern technology. Although there are different ways to kill mosquitoes, this superior technology has created waves of appreciation in the modern world. However, there are many limitations to the usage of laser devices to eliminate mosquitoes altogether.

Scientists have invented this killer device to eliminate mosquitoes as it is main cause of various diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, dengue and many more. The device incorporated the use of laser technology as a weapon to scale down the mosquitoes from a specific distance. Even though most of the developed countries are free from mosquitoes, it is still rampant in majority of the underdeveloped countries. Moreover, these flying insects are becoming resistant to drugs and repellants.

Mosquito Killer

The lasers are designed to burn the wings of the mosquitoes and make it harmless. It also kills these insects instantaneously. It works at a range of 100 feet and therefore it is not effective enough to eliminate all mosquitoes. Scientists believe that several technologies must be combines effectively so that these insects can be eliminated completely at an affordable price rate.

Today there are different types of laser mosquito killers available with different features. However, most of these killing machines have limitations. High price is one of the drawbacks of these machines which limit its usage in underdeveloped countries. Moreover, the use of these machines can affect the environment and other flying insects such as bees.

Mosquito Killers

Another drawback of these devices is that it functions only with the use of electric power. There is power shortage in majority of the underdeveloped countries and therefore it can seldom be used in such countries.

Apart from laser machines, there are a variety of other products which can be used effectively to eliminate mosquitoes. Repellants, creams, sprays and various other products can be bought even from online stores these days. Most of these products have effective results in eliminating mosquitoes completely. However, with the passage of time, these products are rendered less effective as the insects become immune. Nevertheless, a huge spectrum of mosquito killers can be bought from online stores at reasonable price rates.


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