Tips To Identify Faulty Computer Hardware

Identifying a fault with the computer hardware can be quite a perplexing task for many users. If the computer or laptop is under a warranty period, then general issues with the hardware components are solved by the manufacturers. However, if the warranty period is over, then it is essential to understand how to identify hardware problems in a computer or laptop.

Simple Identification Tips:

Hard Drive SMART Status: Computer hard drives have in-built SMART feature or the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. The hard drive smart status test can be conducted to analyze problems with any of the hard drive component. The hard drive of the computer is failing if there is a SMART error message. The SMART analysis tools can be used to view the health status of the hard drive components.

Computer Hardware

Blue Screen: The Blue Screen of Death is often caused due to computer hardware failures. The BSOD displays the information about the type of error or the driver that crashed.

Heat Levels: Abrupt shutdowns, blue screens and crashes can be caused due to overheating of the computers. So it is essential to check the heat levels of the computer. Overheating can be caused due to various reasons such as poor ventilation, shutting down of the cooling fan, dust and so forth. The internal temperature of the computer should be checked and kept under control. If the computer is overheating while playing games which stress the CPU, it is essential to check for solutions.

Computer Hardwares

Test RAM: Failure in the RAM can also cause various problems such as file system corruption, blue screens and application crashes. Every computer has an in-built Memory Diagnostic tool which can write data to the RAM and read it backwards to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Change Computer Hardware: It is quite difficult to identify hardware problems. One of the best ways to determine if the hardware components are faulty is to replace them. Replacing various components will help to identify the exact component which may have malfunctioned.

Check the CPU and the graphics card to ensure that it is functioning properly. There are stress tests for both these components which will help to identify its overall functionality.


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