Silicone Sealant And Its Amazing Uses

Silicone sealant is a powerful adhesive which can be used for several purposes. It is available in different forms. It is one of the most flexible sealants with the capacity to withstand high temperatures. Therefore it can be used for applications which involve high temperature. This water proof product remains elastic even when it dries. It is resistant to most of the chemical products and lasts for a longer period of time. It is also non toxic in nature.

There are different forms of sealants which can be used for different purposes. The pressure sensitive sealant adheres to surfaces when pressure is applied to it. The radiation cured sealant is another variety of product that cures with the application of ultraviolet rays.

Different Varieties And Uses:

Glazing: This sealant is used on glasses and mirrors. It is adhesive to glasses and dries completely to exude a clear finish.

Silicone Sealant

Sanitary: This product is basically used in areas with high moisture content as it helps to prevent the formation of bacteria and mold. It is basically used in bathrooms to seal bathtubs and sinks.

Neutral Cure: Majority of these silicone sealants produce an odor which is quite similar to vinegar while it dries as it releases acetic acid. The neutral cure products seldom release any acid and so it is odorless.

Frame Sealant: It is used to seal doors and window frames as it is quite tensile and highly resistant to all types of environmental changes. It is also resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

High Temperature Sealant: It is used for electrical appliances and industrial devices as it is resistant to high temperature.

Food Safe Product: This type of product is perfectly non toxic and therefore it is used to manufacture refrigerators.

Aquariums: There are particular sealant products which are manufactured specifically for aquariums. It is adhesive, water proof and non toxic.

Apart from all these varieties, there are sealants which are used for general purposes too. It is quite adhesive and sticks to all types of materials.

The silicone sealant can be applied easily with the use of a sealant gun. Today there are various online stores which showcase a huge variety of sealants at affordable price rates.


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