Things To Consider While Installing Wooden Garage Doors

Today most of the modern residential homes feature wooden garage doors as it is elegant and attractive in many ways. Combined with a unique functionality, these doors are available in a huge range of designs, styles and colors to enhance the decor of homes. However, there are certain factors to consider while choosing to install wooden doors.

Some Important Tips:

Weight Door: One of the most important factors to consider is the weight of these doors before installing it. Solid wooden doors are quite heavy and it must be supported by the door springs. Most of the common varieties of doors are made of plastic or light weight metals which can be easily supported by the door springs. But solid wood is quite heavy and requires good quality springs. It is wise to check with the supplier before installing these doors at home. However, there are different ways to keep the doors light in weight. Doors which are thick are obviously heavy so it is essential to choose thin doors during the installation process. Another way to reduce the weight of the door is by choosing doors which include wood and PVC or glass. This combination will significantly reduce the weight of the doors to a large extent.

wooden doors

Correct Installation: Another important factor to consider is the installation process of the wooden doors. As wood appears quite similar in all directions, it can be quite difficult to differentiate the correct sides. Doors which are hung upside down can deteriorate in future. There may be cracks and splits on the doors if it is hung upside down.

Wooden Doors

Proper Protection: It is quite essential to varnish the doors before it is installed. When the doors are varnished after installation, it is seldom done properly. The sides, corners and bottom areas of the doors are often neglected while it is varnished. This can lead to deterioration of the wood. Therefore varnish the doors two days before it is installed so that it lasts for a longer period of time.

It is also pertinent to consider the size of these doors before installing it on the garages.


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