Tips To Clean And Maintain Brick Making Machines

The brick making machine is one of the most useful devices which are used largely for construction purposes. There are different types of machines which are used to manufacture different types of bricks. There are fully automated machines and simple manual machines which can manufacture a specific amount of bricks per day. Regardless of the size and type, all these machines work on the basis of the same principle. The manual machine can manufacture 100 bricks per day whereas an automatic machine can produce more than thousands of blocks per day.

These machines manufacture bricks in different sizes and shapes even though there are standardized shapes for bricks. However, it is essential to use and maintain these machines appropriately so that it lasts for a longer period of time. Some of the most essential maintenance tips are mentioned below.

Safety Measures:

It is important to start the brick machine first before operating the feeding machine to avoid damaging the machine. The electrical circuits and wires must be checked to prevent short circuit or other accidents. It is essential to install the cover plates and shields while operating the machine to prevent accidents and damages. The earth wire of the electrical circuit should be checked while using this machine so as to prevent possible electrocution. Operators are often advised to stand a few distances away from the machine to prevent possible accidents and dangers. It is also essential to stop the machine immediately in case of any operational issues and check the machine immediately.

Brick Making Machine

Maintenance Tips:

All machine parts should be cleaned and maintained adequately to prevent damages and prolong the life of the machines. Operators need to check the gap of the machine and ensure that the machine functions appropriately. The gap of the machine should also be adjusted accordingly. Maintenance of the machine is quite essential for better performance. Clean and eliminate the waste materials from the machine. Wash off dirt, grease and waste materials from the surface of the machine. Oil the machine and apply grease to prevent corrosion or rust in the machine. It is also important to change parts of the machine which tend to wear away in due course of time.


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