Common Toxic Chemicals Present In Baby Care Products

Today most of the health care products contain different types of harmful chemicals which can prove to be detrimental to health. Even baby care products contain harmful toxic chemicals. Baby products such as lotions, shampoos, creams, powders and so forth contain a range of chemicals which prove to be harmful to health in many ways. Even the all natural care products contain many toxic chemicals.

Most Commonly Found Chemicals:

Benzoic Acid: Although some of the food ingredients are considered to be safe for consumption, there are some preservatives like benzoic acid which can cause skin irritation. It is also believed to reduce the weight of internal organs according to scientific studies.

Baby Care Products

  1. Perfume: It is another common chemical ingredient which is found in most of the baby care products. These fragrances can cause respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma and other skin diseases. It can also affect the reproductive system of the body.

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate: It is a chemical which is basically produced from vegetable oils such as palm oil and soybean oil. It is believed to create skin rashes and allergies in babies.

Apart from these chemicals, there are various other products which are used in daily lives that can cause irritation and respiratory problems in young children. Beds and mattresses are often treated with chemicals and pesticides. Fabric softeners and detergents also contain various types of harmful chemicals which can cause respiratory diseases in children. It can also cause skin rashes and allergies as babies are in constant contact with beds and mattresses. Most of the anti-bacterial soaps cause dryness of the skin. It is quite unnecessary to use these products as anti-bacterial soaps destroy the good bacteria and prevent proper development of the immune system.

Baby food is another essential product that can contain various types of preservatives and chemicals. It is quite important to choose organic fruits and vegetables while preparing baby food. There are different types of baby care products which contain natural elements. It is important to choose such products as it proves to be beneficial to health in many ways. A huge variety of natural products can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.


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