Beneficial Features Of Water Soluble Fertilizers

Crops require the appropriate amount of fertilizers for proper growth. Today most growers prefer to use water soluble fertilizers so as to provide nutrients to the plants. These fertilizers are available in different varieties and formulations. It is available in different quantities of phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. There are various factors to consider while using these fertilizers. Some of these factors include the source of the nutrients, formulation of the fertilizers, price, solubility and the properties of these fertilizers.

These fertilizers must be applied at each watering session. This procedure ensures that the nutrients are available for the plants in the correct amount. Most growers apply these fertilizers at a lower range on a regular basis to maintain normal growth of plants. It is also effective in maintaining plant health.

Water Soluble Fertilizers

The amounts of fertilizers which are applied to the plants vary on the basis of the type of plants. Some of the plants need high amount of fertilizers whereas some require a lower amount of fertilizer for growth. The light factor is another important aspect to consider. Plants which receive high amount of light require high fertility and vice-versa. The fertility levels of the plants also depend on the age of the plants. Older plants require higher amount of fertilizers and young plants require lesser amount of fertilizers.

There are different tests which can be conducted to determine the amount of fertilizers required by the plants. Routine soil tests should be conducted to determine the nutritional level of the plants.

Different types of crops require different types of fertilizers. Most of these plant products contain different levels of nitrogen and ammonia which offer different results in plant growth.

Water soluble fertilizers are excellent plant growth stimulators which help to strengthen the roots of the plants. It also improves the capacity of the plants to absorb nutrients. It increases crop yields to a great extent. It also improves the capacity of the soil to hold water. These fertilizers are used on various types of crops such as pulses, cereals, fruits, vegetable and so forth.


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