Lubrication System of Bucket Mixer Units

The concrete bucket mixer is a simple, rugged mixer unit which is used for mixing all types of products such as cement, epoxy, paint, plaster and so forth. This simple unit is easy to clean and maintain.

Proper lubrication and maintenance of these machines is quite essential so that it functions properly. The bucket mixer includes a lubricating system which comprises of the tubing, oil pump and nozzle.

Manual lubrication is essential if the blender tends to malfunction due to lack of lubrication. It is also essential to clean the machine thoroughly before the application of grease or oil to lubricate the surfaces of the machine.

The concrete mixer should be used with care so that it lasts for a longer period of time. Never turn the mixer on and off constantly while using it as it might damage the functions of the mixer unit.

lubrication system

lubrication system

The bearing parts of the mixer unit must be lubricated often according to the service condition of the machine. Calcium soap grease can be used to lubricate the bearing parts of the machine. It is also pertinent to check the blades and the drum of the mixer unit.

The sealing of the concrete mixer unit must also be checked periodically for leakages and other problems. Ensure that the quality of the sealer is intact before operating these mixer units.

Every bucket mixer unit includes a lubrication system which needs to be replaced frequently so that the machine operates properly. First remove the tube and the coupling of the system. Then remove the old lubricating oil pump by removing the bolt installation of the device. Then place the new lubricating oil pump and the installation bolt in its place. Now add a moderate amount of grease to the machine so that it functions smoothly and appropriately.

There are many online stores which showcase a huge variety of lubricating oil which can be used in concrete mixer units. The oil which is used in these machines need to be of high quality so that it functions appropriately. There should be no contaminants or bubbles in the oil and it is essential to remove the impurities from the oil before it is used in machines.


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