Uses And Side Effects Of Stearic Acid

Stearic acid is basically found in vegetable and animal oil. It is a saturated solid fatty acid which is waxy in form. This acid is made by heating animal fat with water at very high temperature and pressure.

This acid is used for a wide variety of purposes. It can also be found in a huge assortment of food items such as fish, meat, poultry, coconut, cocoa and so forth. As this acid is quite inexpensive, it is used in a wide variety of consumer products such as margarine, soaps, lotions and candles. It is used as a hardening agent in soaps. This acid also finds application in dietary supplements, candles, cosmetics, plastics and so forth.

Stearic Acid

It is also used in the field of cosmetics as a stable base for all types of lotions, creams and deodorants. This acid thickens the lotions and creams and therefore it tends to stick to the surfaces of the skin. The cosmetics remain on the skin for an extended period of time. It is also used in most of the soap products as it helps to eliminate dirt and grease from the surfaces of the skin easily.

Although stearic acid is used for many purposes, it is not free from side effects. According to recent surveys, a small amount of this acid can cause some types of cancer in humans. Skin irritations, organ toxicity, minor effects on the nervous system and the brain are some of the other serious side effects caused due to this acid.

In some places, this acid is combined with cotton seed or palm oil which contains a large amount of pesticides. Therefore consumption of the acid can cause damages to the skin and even liver toxicity. However, it is considered to be safe in minimal quantities.

Some products may contain the acid in large amounts which can cause minor skin irritations though. Otherwise this acid is one of the most largely used ingredients in most of the consumer products since ages. None of the side effects of Stearic acid are confirmed. So it is still widely used for various purposes all over the world.


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