Types Of Belt Conveyor And Its Functions

A belt conveyor is one of the most commonly used devices in industries, manufacturing units, airports and stations to move large objects from one place to another. It is basically a constantly moving surface that transports materials with the use of a belt.

Due to its unique design, this device offer great efficiency to move things from place to another. The belt is powered by a single moving pulley. The belt is stretched over a large number of rollers. These rollers spin constantly and move the materials over the belt.

There are three different types of conveyor belts which include the long belt, basic belt and the snake sandwich belt.

The basic belt has two or more pulleys to hold a continuous belt. These belts move with manual effort or it can be motorized. All the items can be carried forward when the belt moves in the forward direction. It is mainly used in areas which require movement of materials from one place to another without any human intervention. It is used in parcel delivery services, for packaging materials in manufacturing units and so forth.

Belt Conveyors

The snake sandwich conveyor belt was mainly designed to move rocks out of mines. It is basically used to move items in a steep incline. The belts are often parallel to one another but the products are held in place while moving up the steep. This simple belt was created in the year 1979 to move high volume of substances at a consistent rate. It has a simple and flexible design that can be maintained and managed easily.

Belt Conveyor

The long belt conveyor system is another variety of device which also serves the same purpose. It is designed to move materials over a long distance. The only difference in these belts is that it can handle both vertical and horizontal curves quite easily. These belts are often used in mining spots to transport materials to construction sites and other locations.

Various types of belt conveyors are available through many of the reputed online dealers. Most of the manufacturers and dealers offer customized products to the buyers if required at affordable rates.Enhanced by Zemanta


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