Important Features And Uses Of Wood Charcoal

Wood charcoal is basically a black substance which is derived from burning wood. It is the impure carbon residue which remains after burning wood. It has an unpleasant smell and floats on water as it is porous and brittle. It is also a bad conductor of electricity and heat.

Wood charcoal is used for a wide range of purposes. It is one of the main sources of cooking in most villages. As it produces better heat, it is considered to be better than burning wood. It is also used for grilling food as it is available in the form of small pre-formed blocks.

It is one of the most important substances used in barbeques as it grills the food appropriately. There are different types of charcoal which can be bought even from online stores at various price rates.

Wood Charcoal

It is considered to be better than wood as it causes less air pollution. It has a higher caloric value compared to wood. It burns faster than wood which is another attractive aspect of this type of fuel.

Charcoal made of wood can be used as a decolorizing agent as it can easily absorb the color present in the petroleum, organic preparations and sugar solutions.

Wood Charcoals

Wood charcoal is inclusive of a wide variety of beneficial features. It can be added to the compost pit to increase the carbon content. It can be used to eliminate furniture stains by rubbing a piece of charcoal on it.

Charcoal can be placed in pots or bowls to eliminate unpleasant odors at homes and office spaces. It can also be placed in flower vases to retain the freshness and smell of the flowers.

It can be placed in the soil to retain its moisture content and prevent the growth of weeds. It can be used in potted plants as it helps to nourish the plants and flowers. Wood charcoal can be bought in different sizes and varieties from various reputed online and offline stores at reasonable price rates. It is considered to be the cheapest forms of fuels made available today.


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