Uses And Applications Of Gunny Bags

Gunny bags are basically made of burlap which is a woven fabric made of jute. It is also known as burlap bags as it was used to ship agricultural products such as wheat, potatoes and coffee in the olden days.

As these bags are made of jute material it is strong and difficult to dispose. It seldom tears or rips apart due to its immense strength. It is also environment friendly as it is made of jute. As it is a natural fiber it is quite flexible and it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Gunny bags can be recycled as it is made of bio degradable materials such as jute. Moreover, jute is a non-toxic material and therefore it can be used safely for all purposes.

Wrap Objects And Materials: These bags are quite ideal to wrap materials and objects so that it remains intact and seldom gets damaged. Most of the home owners use gunny sacks to store garden products, agricultural products and various other items safely.

Gunny Bags

Environmental Remediation: These bags are used as flood barriers when it is filled with sand. It also helps to control soil erosion to a large extent when it is filled with sand and placed over rocks and grass. Moreover as these sacks are cheap, it can be used for a wide range of such purposes.

Interior Decoration: It can be used for interior decoration purposes. It is also used for sack races in school competitions.

Gunny bags are used in most of the industries such as postal and courier departments to transport letters and parcels as it remain intact. It is easy to carry and load these bags or sacks in vehicles as it hardly tears.

Recycled bags are also made available these days. However, it is important to check these bags before using it again. Some of these bags are used to transport pesticides and fertilizers.

Burlap sacks can be bought from various online stores at affordable price rates. There are many reputed dealers who sell gunny sacks in different sizes to suit different purposes.


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