Benefits Of Using Organic Fertilizers

Organic manure is typically derived from animals such as sheep, cattle and horse. Chicken manure can also be considered as organic but it needs to be aged before it is added to the soil. Sheep manure is widely used due to its beneficial properties.

Organic manure can be collected easily from farms and cattle fields. It can also be bought from various online stores at affordable price rates. All plants require manure for its growth. Pumpkin, tomatoes and capsicum are some of the plants which require manure for its growth. Majority of the leafy vegetable plants require manure. However, manure is seldom used for indoor plants as it tends to emit an unpleasant odor.

Today most farmers prefer to use organic fertilizers for the plants as it has many beneficial features:

Nutrients: Manure which is obtained from organic sources tends to be more nutritious than the inorganic fertilizers.

Organic manure

Fertility of The Soil: These fertilizers are known to remain in the soil for a longer period of time. Therefore there is hardly any need to apply these fertilizers more often.

Replenish The Soil: Organic fertilizers are known to replenish the nutrient content of the soil.

Protect The Roots of Seedlings: These fertilizers are known to be gentle on the roots of the plants. Synthetic fertilizers are strong and tend to burn the young roots of the plants.

Organic manure remain in the soil for a longer period of time and it releases the nutrients to the plants when it is required by the plants. This type of fertilizer products seldom seep away during the first rain.

Manure, which is organic, delivers maximum nutrient content to the plants and tends to make it healthier. These plants bear fruits which are seldom attacked by pests and rodents. Different types of manures can be bought from online stores too these days. Fertilizer manure can be derived from animals, plants and other sources. These products are widely used in agricultural farms, gardens and so forth as it proves to be highly effective for the nourishment of the soil.


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