Health Benefits And Uses Of Corn Oil

Corn oil is one of the most commonly used cooking oils which are used for a wide range of purposes. It was first discovered in the year 1898 and it was mainly used for cooking purposes. It was then known as mazoil. It is extracted from maize or from the germ of corn.

Corn oil is used for cooking purposes as it has a high smoke point. It can be used to fry food items. The oil seldom smokes until it reaches extreme temperatures. Therefore it is considered to be healthy cooking oil compared to olive oil which can seldom be used to fry foods due to its low smoke point. It seldom discolors compared to other types of cooking oil. Moreover, it can be bought at cheap price rates from all departmental stores.

Today this common cooking oil is available through various online stores too. It is used in a variety of other products too. It is used to manufacture soaps and textiles. It is also one of the main ingredients in pesticides and insecticides. Today corn oil is used in biodiesel due to its beneficial properties. The oil also finds application in the field of medicines. The oil is used in various types of paints too.

Corn Oil

In addition to frying food stuffs, the oil is used as salad oil. It can be combined with various other types of cooking oil. It is one of the main ingredients in margarine and mayonnaise.

The oil is effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels to a great extent. Corn oil is also believed to reduce high blood pressure. It also contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid which supports healthy growth of hair and skin.

The oil contains a good source of Vitamin E and therefore it functions as an antioxidant. It helps to prevent cancer and other diseases. Regular consumption of this oil is regarded to be healthy.

Corn oil can be bought at different price rates in bulk amount from many of the online and offline stores. Today this common oil can be bought from reputed manufacturers and dealers from online stores. To know more about cooking oil click here.


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