Features And Application Of Ribbon Blender

A ribbon blender is basically an industrial machine that is used to mix various types of materials with a circular blade. It is known as ribbon blenders as it has thin ribbon shaped metal mixers. There are three varieties of these blending machines which include the paddle or ribbon agitator, the double ribbon agitator and the paddle only agitator. These three types of machines have ingrained features and specific uses.

These blenders have three design options which include the cylindrical shell, the U-shaped shell and the semi-cylindrical shell. The cylindrical shell has a higher capacity to withstand temperatures. The U-shaped shell has an open top which facilitates better cleaning capacity. The semi-cylindrical shell is another design among these blenders which transfers heat efficiently. It has a flat top and therefore it is quite easy to clean these machines.

Ribbon Blenders

The ribbon blenders are used in a wide variety of applications. It has high speed options and it can be used to mix or blend any type of material. The ribbons are designed in such a way so as to mix materials of different viscosity. Most of these mixers are designed to simplify the process of cleaning.

There are double blenders which are known to be the traditional varieties of machines that can easily blend any type of material. These devices can mix materials quickly and easily. Mixers with a paddle design are ideal for uniform mixing of materials. The paddle or ribbon blender is an excellent choice for heat sensitive materials. It mixes the materials with an incomparable speed and perfection.

The ribbon blenders are used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used to mix both wet and dry materials easily and quickly. The machine is used to mix cereals, cosmetics, medications, pet food and so forth.

These blenders are available in a huge assortment of sizes and specifications. It is available in different capacities too. There are various factors to consider before buying these machines from online stores. It is essential to consider the drive design of the blenders before buying a specific product. The designs of these machines vary on the basis of its application. To know more about ribbon blender click here.


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