Reasons To Use Fly Ash In Concrete

When coal is burned for the production of electrical power, a form of ash is obtained as the by product. This by product is known as fly ash. It has a fine and glassy appearance. It includes various chemical components such as aluminum, silicon, calcium and iron. This by product has several industrial uses. However, it is basically used as an additive to concrete due to its beneficial features.

In the earlier days, fly ash was disposed in waste lands as it was considered to be a useless product. Nowadays, this by product is considered to be one of the most beneficial products used for a variety of purposes. There are many benefits of using fly ash with concrete.

Some Important Benefits:

Easy To Work: A mixture of concrete and fly ash is considered to be extremely beneficial as it is quite easy to work with this mixture. This particular mixture requires less water which reduces cracking and shrinkage to a large extent.

Fly Ash

Affordable: Compared to concrete, fly ash is less expensive and therefore it is often mixed with concrete so that it can be used for several types of construction purposes. It also helps to lower the construction costs to a large extent.

Eco-Friendly: It is also considered to be environment friendly and therefore it is known as green concrete. It also helps to reduce carbon emissions into the environment. Moreover, concrete constructions are durable and strong. Therefore it lasts for a longer period of time when it is mixed with by products such as fly ash.

Fly Ash Bricks

Blends Concrete: Addition of fly ash in concrete helps to blend the mixture thoroughly. It increases the strength of the concrete material as it makes it less porous.

The use of this by product in concrete has several other benefits. It helps to make the mixture smooth and free flowing. It also creates a smoother finish to the concrete material and thus construction process is simplified.

Today millions of power plants create fly ash by burning coal. It is collected and then used for several industrial and construction purposes. It can also be bought from various reputed online stores at affordable price rates.


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