Advantages And Uses Of Glass Bricks

Glass bricks are unique type of building materials which are basically made of acrylic or glass. These bricks are available in different shapes and sizes. It is often laid in basements as alternative windows.

There are many benefits of using glass bricks in commercial and residential buildings. It offers a unique versatility and aesthetic appearance to buildings and apartments. It offers a considerable level of security and durability to the buildings.

In most of the cases, these bricks are used in basements windows as it offers the required level of security. It is also used on shower walls as it adds to the beauty of the rooms. Today most of the interior designers prefer to use these bricks for elegant appearance of windows. However, these windows can never be opened and it can be used only as a source of light.

Glass Blocks

Glass brick window are also known to be energy efficient compared to ordinary window panes. These bricks are resistant to water and it can also be cleaned and maintained easily. It can be placed in large and small spaces as there are a huge range of varieties made available in many of the online stores these days.

Another important benefit of using these windows is that it is quite durable and resistant to scratches. Single block or brick can be replaced easily if it is broken. It can be placed in areas such as family rooms as it is easy to maintain and seldom gets damaged easily.

Glass Bricks

These windows are considered to be more secure compared to the other types of glass panes or windows. It is quite difficult to break these bricks as it is stronger. Therefore most of the designers prefer to use these bricks on basement windows as it enhances security.

Due to its popular usage, glass bricks or blocks are manufactured in a huge variety of sizes and shapes to suit different types of interior decors and construction purposes. It is available in tinted shades and various colors to add to the beauty and elegance of the rooms. Today there are many reputed online stores which showcase a huge variety of glass bricks in different sizes, shapes and colors.

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