Tips To Choose A Suitable Crimping Tool

Crimping tools are devices which use a compressive force to connect two items. It deforms two connector elements accurately to obtain a perfect connection. There are basically two types of crimping tools which include the powered and hand operated tool. Hand operated devices are widely used in most of the applications. It helps to crimp small types of electrical connections easily.

The powered crimping tools are quite different from the manual or hand operated tool as it uses a hydraulic fluid to crimp the joints. Today the markets are hoarded with a huge variety of tools which can be used for this purpose.

Manual or Power Driven: Firstly, it is essential to choose between a manual and a power driven crimping tool. Power driven tools are more sophisticated as it uses a motor to crimp objects together. Manual tools use hand force to crimp the objects together. Power driven tools are a bit more expensive than the manual tools but it is more efficient. It saves time and energy as the user seldom needs to utilize manual power while crimping the tool.

Crimping Tool

Additional Functions: Apart from crimping, some of these tools are also capable of stripping and cutting the wires and cables. There are tools which include a strip-in blade which can be used to remove the coating over the cables and wires easily. However, there are tools which are used only for crimping purposes. So it is important to know how to choose these devices based on specific requirements.

Type of Cable: Some crimping tools are specifically designed for telephone cables and some tools are designed for fiber optic cables. It is important to choose tools based on the type of cable. Today there are tools which include connectors that can be used for different types of cables in a single tool.

Type of Crimps: These tools can be further divided according to the type of crimp it produces. There are tools which produce compression crimps and stab crimps which differ largely.

Crimping Tools

Different types of crimping tools can be bought easily from various reputed online stores at affordable price rates.


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