Essential Items Required In A First Aid Box

A first aid box is one of the most essential items required in a home, office or car as injuries and accidents can happen anytime. A fully stocked first aid kit should be readily available and it should include all the necessary items. It is also important to know how to use the items in the kit whenever necessary. There are different types of kits based on different uses. There are baby kits, pet kits disaster, basic, automotive and workplace kits which have different uses.

There are several items required in a first aid box and some of the most important items include the following:

* Bandages of various sizes
* Scissors
* Adhesive tapes
* Gauzes
* Alcohol wipes
* Cough suppressants
* Aspirin or ibuprofen

First Aid Box
* Antiseptic cleanser
* Antibiotic ointment
* Droppers for oral medicines (for children)
* Tweezers
* Self activating cold packs
* Safety pins
* Elastic wraps
* Prescription medicines and its dosages mentioned clearly
* Antihistamines
* Anti-diarrhea medicines
* Antacids
* Ipecac syrup

Apart from these essential items various other medicines can also be included in the first aid box. Feminine products, eye wash kits, petroleum jelly and so forth can also be added to the box if necessary. It is important to use a large and clean box to store these items so that it can be accessed in haste. The medicinal dosages should be mentioned clearly so as to avoid wastage of time. The kit should be durable and strong so that it can withstand wear and tear in due course of time.

First Aid Boxes

There are portable first aid kits which can be used while traveling. These kits need to include a few more items such as a flashlight, gloves, thermometer, emergency numbers and mouthpiece for CPR. Prescription drugs should be included in portable kits.

Today there are various online stores which showcase a huge variety of first aid kits which can be bought at affordable price rates. Buyers can choose these kits on the basis of its contents and usages. There are basic first aid box which include necessary and basic items for everyday accidents or injuries.

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