Essential Features And Types Of Wood Doors

One of the most common and oldest structures in the history of mankind is wooden door. Today consumers are bombarded with a variety of wood doors. These doors are manufactured with a huge variety of timber such as mahogany, oak, walnut and so forth. These doors exude a unique sense of aesthetic appeal and therefore it is widely used as exterior, interior and garage doors. It can be customized to suit the decor of homes and office spaces according to budgetary requirements.

In the earlier days, exterior wood doors were subject to changes due to climatic vagaries. It made these doors less desirable. However, latest manufacturing technology has altered the essence of these doors. Additional protection is used on these doors to make it more suitable to changing climatic conditions.

Types of Doors:

Hollow And Solid Doors: Hollow doors are quite inexpensive compared to the solid wooden doors. It is quite easy to install hollow doors as it is light in weight and cheap. However, it can seldom absorb sound. These doors include frames which are covered with a thin layer of wood. It is often filled with different types of in-fills. Solid wooden doors are thick and it can dampen the sounds from either side of the room. It is however, quite expensive compared to the other types of door products.

Wood Door

Exterior Doors: These doors are either made of solid core laminate or solid wood. These doors are quite heavy and include various types of embellishments. These doors are considerably larger than the ordinary doors. Some of the exterior doors are cut into half and these doors are known as Dutch doors. The bottom part of these doors can be kept closed for safety and the upper part can be left open. It exudes an olden touch to the entire decor.

Wood Doors

Interior Closet Doors: Another variety of wood door is the interior closet door which seldom includes a lock. It is light in weight and it includes hollow core wood.

Different types of wooden doors can be bought even through online stores these days at affordable price rates. It is important to choose these doors based on the type of decor and budget.


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