Features And Varieties Of Candle Wax Products

In the earlier days, there was only a single type of wax which was used to make candles. But now, there are a hoard of varieties of candle wax which are ingrained with different features and benefits. Some of these wax products are natural whereas some of them are synthetic. It is also possible to find a combination of both natural and synthetic wax. All of these varieties can be used to make great types of candles.

Types of Wax:

Paraffin Wax: One of the most commonly used wax product is paraffin wax. It is also one of the versatile products used these days. Majority of the candles which are bought from commercial stores are made of paraffin. It can be used for different types of candles as it has various melting points. Paraffin wax can be bought from online stores in different varieties. It can be bought in desired colors too. It can be bought in the form of chunks, powder and crystal.

Candle Wax

Soy Candle: This type of candle wax was used largely in the earlier days. It is one of the cleanest forms of wax made available. It is odorless with a creamy color. It has various melting points similar to the paraffin wax. It is considered to be a natural form of wax which was preferred due to its eco- friendly properties. It is often blended with other types of wax products for better features.

Candle Wax Products

Beeswax: Another natural form of wax product is beeswax which is obtained from beehive. It has a natural and sweet smell and burns slowly. It is quite sticky and therefore it is less suitable for projects which require hand molding. Since it is a natural product, it is quite expensive. It is available in slabs, sheets and blocks in most of the reputed online stores at affordable price rates.

Palm Wax: This type of candle wax is quiet firm and it can be used for a wide assortment of purposes. It can be used for soaps, candles, detergents and various other products. It is often blended with various other types of wax to make it stronger and firmer. To know more about candle wax click here.


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