Essential Types And Uses Of Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarns can be found in a huge assortment of varieties. It can be used to knit fabrics. Cotton is among the most comfortable types of fabrics that can be used in summers. These yarns vary in weight and its use varies accordingly. It is basically categorized into three varieties which include organic, pure and blended cotton. Recycled yarns are also used by some manufacturers.

Blends of different types of yarns are often used for more durability and strength. These types of cloths are ideal for kitchen towels as it requires extra strength. However, soft and pure yarns are used to make face towels.

Mercerized cotton yarn is another variety of yarn which is exposed to chemical processes. This process helps to improve the quality and luster of the fiber. It also helps to increase the absorbency of the fiber. This type of fiber is used for elegant apparels and it is then blended with silk or bamboo for extra softness.

Cotton Yarn

The yarn is blended with nylon for extra durability and elasticity. Pure cotton yarn lacks elasticity but it can be achieved by blending it with other types of fabrics.

This unique type of yarn can be blended with any other type of fabric such as nylon, silk, polyester and so forth. It adds extra durability and strength to the fabrics.

Cotton Yarn

It is easy to find a huge variety of cotton yarns in most of the online and offline stores. There are hand dyed yarns which can be bought in different exotic colors for knitting purposes.

There are many benefits of using cotton yarn. It is soft and comfortable. It is also the best choice for garments as it seldom causes any allergic reactions. It is light in weight and ideal for summer seasons. Moreover, it is absorbent compared to other types of fabrics such as nylon, wool and so forth.

However, it is quite inelastic and loses shape when it stretches. This yarn is also expensive compared to wool and acrylic. Cotton yarn can be bought in different colors and forms through online portals. It is important to consider the weight of the yarn before buying it.


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