The Importance And Uses Of Proximity Sensors

There are a large number of systems in the modern automated world which facilitate in various applications. Some of these systems are designed to measure the distance of an object and reduce the possibilities of accidents. The proximity sensor is one such device with different features. These sensors are used for a wide range of purposes. It is available in different varieties to suit different types of uses. There are long range and short range sensors which can be used for various purposes.

One of the main features of these sensors is that it detects the distance of the object without physical contact. An electromagnetic beam is emitted from the sensor and any changes in the field cause the sensor to activate. Some of the most commonly used sensors are photoelectric, inductive, ultrasonic and capacitive.

Proximity sensors are often used in touch screens on mobile phones and electronic switches in highly restricted areas. It uses short range proximity to detect the finger of the person or any other material that has touched the screen.

These sensors are also used at the rear side of private vehicles to alert the drivers about an oncoming object or another vehicle. There are sensors which can be fixed to the windows and doors of homes for better security and safety. These sensors are alerted when there is security breach.

proximity sensor

Today most of the cellular phones also include sensors which determine the proximity of the user’s face and operates according to it. It is used in a large number of consumer applications.

There are active and passive proximity sensors which include different functions and uses. The active sensors are designed to send signals which will be reflected back to the device. The distance of the object is calculated accordingly. These sensors are usually fixed on automatic doors which alert the sensors to open the door when a person walks to it.

The passive sensor works by the changes in the environment. The sensor activates when there is a change in the infrared lights emitted by the device. Different types of devices can be bought from various online stores at reasonable price rates.

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