Important Facts To Know About Air Handling Units

A device which is designed to distribute air throughout a building is known as an air handling unit. These units are used along with heaters and air conditioning systems. Known basically to condition and circulate air, these units are part of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HVAC).

There are different types of AHU available through online and offline stores these days. It is therefore quite important to consider various factors before choosing these units. Most of these units are designed to work with specific types of devices. So it is quite essential to consider these facts before choosing to buy it from online or offline stores.

Air Handling Units

It is also pertinent to check the control systems, energy efficiency ratings and the noise levels of the units before purchasing it. There are many reputed brands which sell versatile air handling units at reasonable price rates.

Another important factor to consider before choosing to buy these units is the size of the AHU. It is essential to consider the installation space and the capacity of the unit before buying it. Too large and too small units can be inappropriate as it can cause loss of energy and money.

Proper maintenance is another factor to consider while installing these units. It is important to seek professional assistance to replace the filters based on recommendations. For better performance, the unit must be installed by skilled professionals. This will also help to reduce operational and maintenance costs to a large extent.

Air handling units are installed on rooftops, outdoors and indoors. In most of the residential apartments, these units are installed indoors. However, it is often installed outdoors in a commercial setting.

This device functions in a simple manner. Fresh air is absorbed by the unit from outside and it is then cooled inside the coolant. This cool air is then supplied through ducts into the building. The cool air is distributed throughout the building. The heat is collected in the unit and sent to the outdoor compressor. The heated air is expelled and the entire process of cooling the air is resumed by the unit. Air handling units can be bought easily from online stores at affordable price rates.


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